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Who we are

We are Troupe 7052

We are a theatre troupe from McKinney Boyd High School in McKinney, Texas. We are wonderfully led by our head director, Jonathan Pitzer. Our theatre department has been around since 2006, and every year we strive to improve our department to be better than the year before. Here at the Broadway Broncos, we are all about creating a safe environment where students from different types of backgrounds can come together and create magic.  Because if you aren't creating magic and memories that can last a lifetime why do it? Here at the Broadway Broncos, we are strong believers that every day being an audition and  that "hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard." We have been recognized as the Best Troupe in 2014 by Texas Thespians, and have also had many I.E's ( Individual Events ) qualify for nationals and receive a superior score!

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